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What could a one to one yoga session do for me?

June 10th, 2024

The benefits of yoga are well known – releasing tension, focussing your mind, developing physical and mental wellbeing are just some of them.    We are all different though, and we look for something more personal from our yoga practice.  From beginner to athlete let’s see how yoga can help!


I am a beginner who has never done yoga before

You can expect to experience the joy of simply stretching away tension, which may have been building up over time.  Learn how to be more aware of yourself and to observe when tension is building in your body and in your breathing.  Use the simple techniques you learn in yoga to help you relax and release.


I did yoga years ago but I’m far too stiff to go back to it now!

You’ll find that much of the knowledge you had when you used to practise yoga is still in your body and with a little patience your mobility will begin to return.  I can’t promise that you will regain your previous flexibility – however you will be surprised how much better you feel both physically and mentally!


I’m an advanced yogi but the classes I go don’t challenge me enough

This is often the case.  When we teach group sessions we need to ensure the safety of everyone and it’s sometimes hard for teachers to keep group members safe at the same time as stretching the more experienced members.  If Chakrasana, Dhanurasana and arm balances are on your radar I offer a masterclass where I share with you the techniques you need to develop and move your practice on.


My balance is terrible these days so practising the tree is out!

Balance changes with the ageing process and other things which may be going on in your life can affect it too.  It can be due to a change in hearing, eyesight, sensitivity in the feet, strength and overall confidence.  I get everyone who comes to me to try and balance and there is a secret to it.  Make sure you hold on and support yourself until you build the strength and confidence to gently let go for a second or two!  Come and have a chat with me about balance before you start to practise at home!


I’m an athlete – can yoga help me improve my performance?

Yes!  Tuning into your body so that you can release unnecessary tension is a great start and will save your energy.  Add to that some simple stretches to support a freer style of movement and discover how to benefit from a better balance your strength and flexibility.  And let’s also mention breathing – how efficient is your breathing in supporting your sport?  Yoga is well-known for improving lung capacity and breath control.


I went to a yoga class and it was too quick for me and I couldn’t keep up!

A few one-to-one yoga sessions with me will help you establish the basics of yoga and prepare you to find a yoga class which will suit you better!



 I’m not bothered about complicated postures – I just want to feel more relaxed!

Sitting quietly or standing well and with attention and awareness can be deeply relaxing.  Finding those moments when you are in tune with your body/mind is precious in a busy life.  Meditation is an aspect of yoga which can sometimes feel a bit mysterious.  The process starts very simply – by finding a way of holding your attention.  There are similarities with mindfulness techniques so if this is the aspect of yoga which interests you, why not come along and see me?


I attend a yoga class regularly and feel I need a bit of extra help!

Several of my one-to-one clients attend regular yoga classes.  They find that the one-to-one sessions enable them to focus on tricky areas.  By breaking down a posture into manageable stages, they feel able to progress and benefit from their classes.  If you are struggling with a particular posture or sequence do come and see me!


Izzy Ixer


June 2024

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