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Why I became a Therapist – Louise Nightingale

January 19th, 2022

Our first Therapist in, hopefully, a series of articles by us here at the WCHC, starts with Louise Nightingale, please read on……….


Let us introduce Louise Nightingale ATT, ITEC Dip. Mass


Louise has been a therapist at the Centre for years and here she tells us what brought her to the work she does now as a Pilates teacher and sport massage therapist.


“It all started when, 17 years ago, I moved from my home in the Channel Islands to the UK. At that point I decided to opt for a career change to do something I was passionate about after being a qualified Tax Professional.

I started my new career as a personal trainer and gym instructor. I believe it is crucial in order to understand and learn that you start at grass roots level. I went to work for a large busy branded golf and country club in the heart of Kent where I was a gym instructor and personal trainer. I went on to become their first freelance personal trainer.

In the process of this work I wanted to look at the whole person not just the gym bunny. I had come across many different injuries and physical problems including overuse injuries. I then trained to become a therapeutic masseur leading on to sports massage, an invaluable skill which, combined with my love of anatomy and physiology, fitted alongside my existing work perfectly. I sought as much experience as I could working with many different clients eventually setting up my business in 2002.  I continued to develop professionally and become a reiki level 2 healer in 2003. I continued with the business when I had my son in 2004 and then in 2005 moved up to Suffolk to be near existing family.

In 2013 I trained as a Stott pilates instructor. Again this fusing all my skills and enabling me to focus on class work as well as individual one to one private pilates clients. Pilates is a wonderful exercise and discipline with fantastic results. The reason I chose this particular type of pilates is that it has been designed based on the original Joseph Pilates principles but enhanced with the collaboration of physical therapists, sports and fitness professionals. This makes it a perfect addition to the business and skill set”


Louise works at the Centre on Wednesday afternoons.


If you’d like to make an appointment to see Louise, please email info@wchc.info or ring the Centre, 01394 388234


Or you can contact her direct on 07775 776039


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