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July 30th, 2020

Do you have a problem or challenge in front of you?

What would YOU like to have happen?

Journey from present state to desired state.











Positive outcome. What do YOU want?

Own it. What are YOU going to do?

Who, where, when, what. How specifically?

Evidence. What will you see, hear and feel?

Ecology. What are the consequences of achieving it?

Resources. What inner resources will you need?

Route. What route and steps will you take?


One way of thinking about change is a journey for present state to a desire state, or outcome. A problem or challenge is a difference between the two. By setting an outcome in the future, you have in a sense created a problem in the present and conversely, every problem in the present can be changed into an outcome.


Your behaviour, feelings and thoughts will difference in the present state and in the desired state. To move from one to the other you need resources.


The energy for the journey comes from motivation. The desired state must be something we really want, or clearly connected to something we want. We must also be committed to the outcome, reservations often show that ecology has not been taking fully into account, In short, we must want to make the journey, and believe the goal is achievable and worthwhile.


Skills, techniques and resourceful states are the mean to achieve the goal. They may involve our physiology, nutrition, strength and stamina. NLP skills are powerful resources to overcome barriers, resistance and interference.


In many cases you can find that you have had those resources in the past and forgotten about it. There will be resourceful parts of yourself you can learn from revisiting and new resources from the example of others can play a part.


Necessary Conditions for Change to Occur.


A model used in NLP states that for change to occur, there conditions must be met:


You must want to make the change.
You must know how to make the change.
You must have the opportunity to make the change.


If you want anything in your life to be different, then change must occur. Usually change begins internally then manifest externally. In other words, you have to change yourself, then you play a part in making the world around you just your internal changes.


Article provided by our NLP Practitioner, Andrew Norman, and if you would like to know more about NLP, please look at Andrew’s website on http://www.andrewnorman.co.uk/


He also provides NLP Therapy at the WCHC, so please contact us on 01394 388234 or email us on info@wchc.info for an appointment.


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