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Yoga Posture for the Month of February – Virabhadrasana II – Warrior II

February 06th, 2018

Virabhadrasana II – Warrior II


The Warrior postures in Yoga are about strength and grounding.  With your feet placed firmly on your mat you have the power to be strong in the face of life’s difficulties.



  • Improves strength in the legs
  • Improves strength in the arms
  • Increases a sense of feeling grounded and confident
  • Stretches the upper body
  • Promotes a deeper breath


How prepare for it

  • Work on shoulder rotations.  If your shoulders can move freely then you will be able to stretch out your arms and maintain a good posture
  • Develop the muscles in your feet – ensure the outside edges of the feet remain in touch with the ground throughout the posture


How to do it

  • Stand longways on your mat with your feet 3 feet apart or more
  • Turn out your foot and align your right heel with your left instep
  • Keep facing to the front
  • Breathe in and raise both arms to shoulder height
  • Feel your fingers stretching out and away from you
  • Keep the shoulders relaxed
  • Look to your right then bend your right knee until your knee is directly above your right heel
  • Feel the hips opening and stretching
  • Breathe deeply and easily
  • Press your right heel gently into the floor to increase your stability in the posture
  • On a breath in, straighten your right leg
  • Breathe out and lower your arms
  • Bring your right toes to point forward
  • Repeat on the left side


Things to watch

  • Hold your awareness on the alignment of your feet
  • Keep your shoulders soft to avoid tension in your neck
  • Ensure that the bent knee is over the ankle – you may need to have your feet further apart than you think


Link for more info about Viraghadrasana II:


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