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Hatha Yoga brings together physical movement and breathing techniques to give you total focus and create a sense of stillness and wellbeing.  And you can take the techniques with you into your daily life as a pause in a stressful day, a way of regaining control when you feel overwhelmed or standing calmly and asserting yourself.


Yoga can be about finding a way of handling personal challenges in life, improving mental and physical wellbeing, maintaining fitness while recovering from injury or building confidence to return to work after a break.  And this is where the one-to-one yoga sessions at the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre are beneficial.  As a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualified coach Izzy can support you with work/life issues too.


Izzy Ixer has been teaching yoga for over 30 years and seen the impact a regular yoga practice can have.  Her clients tell her that “Yoga has helped me be more in tune with my body”,  “Yoga has given me coping strategies for life” and “It’s great for keeping you mobile”.


Get started on your yoga journey with a course of personally tailored yoga sessions and discover the benefits of yoga for yourself!


Izzy Ixer is a British Wheel of Yoga (BWOY) qualified tutor and coach.  See www.izzyyoga.co.uk and www.bluepebblecoaching.co.uk for more information personalised yoga programmes, yoga classes and coaching.


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