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Mike Buckley


Would you like immediate help for Anxiety, Stress, Depression Addictions and more? Have you considered Hypnotherapy and NLP?

For Anxiety, Stress, Depression and many emotional, psychological and even physical issues, Hypnotherapy and NLP can be very powerful and effective, in many cases immediately.

You can:

  • Learn powerful techniques of Hypnosis and NLP to relieve symptoms of emotional stress and pain
  • Learn new and creative ways of using language, thinking and visualisation in your thinking, that bring you a more fulfilling life experience
  • Learn how to be ok, confident and handle whatever happens in life, whatever your current circumstances are

Hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) can help you in almost any way, it can only be enhanced or limited by your imagination. We use Hypnosis and the principles of NLP every day of our lives and always have. Anyone can be helped and Mike can show you how to do it with skill. Visit my website to learn what Hypnotherapy and NLP are.

Mike has been practising for nearly 20 years in the Woodbridge and Ipswich area. Having first trained as a Counsellor and working within the NHS in the 90’s, he became interested in Hypnotherapy and NLP, realising that these offered people tangible ways of helping themselves, especially the quick relief of emotional and physical symptoms. Although he has achieved Masters and BSc degrees in this field, Mike believes his own personal experiences with anxiety, stress and depression and how he learned to resolve these, is the most important qualification of all. He knows he has learned much from every single person he has worked with and this continues. You can read more about him, his work and what he may be able to do for you at

Mike is also currently Principal Tutor at The East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy. If you are interested in training for an exciting career in Hypnotherapy and NLP, you can visit their website at



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