About Us

The Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre was opened in 1992

About Us

The Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre was opened in 1992 when it offered ten different therapies. It was the first such centre in the area and was treated with scepticism by a number of local people. However, it quickly established itself and developed a loyal clientele, many of whom introduced friends to the various therapies that it offered.

We were part of this clientele. We had been converted from sceptics about Complementary Medicine to enthusiasts for the many ways that therapies could improve our health and our resistance to stress. We saw the benefits of using the Centre regularly to help ourselves and our children.

In 1998, when the original owners decided to sell and there was some possibility of the Centre having to close, we decided to take a leap into the unknown and bought it.

Since then public awareness and knowledge of complementary medicine has continued to develop enormously, and so has the range of techniques available. We have focused not just on maintaining a high standard of service, but also on increasing choice.

Our aims are:

  • to offer an attractive environment and a professional service to all our clients
  • to raise awareness and understanding of the whole field of  complementary medicine
  • to help individual clients to find the best approach or combination of approaches to maintain or restore health
  • to contribute toward a better integration of mainstream and complementary medicine

Many people begin using complementary medicine by chance or as a last resort. In fact we have found that ‘prevention is better than cure.’  One of the best ways of using complementary therapies is to maintain good health.

We look forward to the day when the the maintenance of health will be a matter of enjoyment and not of crisis management.


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