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A little glimpse into the life of our Sports Coach, Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor, Louise Nightingale

May 05th, 2020



·        My name is

Louise Nightingale



·        When did you start working at the WCHC? And what days do you work?

November 2018 (I think!)  I work at the centre every Wednesday from 2-6pm but at other times if needed to accommodate clients.




·        What is your chosen therapy?

Chosen therapy is Sports Massage at the centre.




·        Why/How did you decide upon this therapy?

I trained as an advanced personal trainer and Pilates instructor and added Sports and Therapeutic massage to my skill set as it’s hugely relevant to what I do and I’m fascinated by anatomy and physiology. The benefit of manual therapy and palpation is second to none and can never be replaced by technology.



·        Coronavirus lockdown, are you able to work at the moment? If not, what else have you been up to?

So sadly I can’t work doing my hands on therapy at present but I’ve been very busy at break neck speed after lockdown setting up teaching my Pilates Classes live streaming online, 4 a week. I have never in my life taught online before. I am also doing my private Pilates and Personal Training online. It’s been a massive and stressful learning curve but I was intent on not letting clients down and trying to find a solution to the problem. Delighted to say it’s all going really well and I’m having great support and feedback.




·        How have you been keeping yourself busy staying at home? Any photos of what you have done?

I have been keeping busy making cakes, (become quite a dab hand at a victoria sponge, my son’s favourite), dog walking, painting my workroom, clearing out the garage, moving and de-glazing the greenhouse to grow fruit and veg and rejigging my home to teach my classes from online. Basically, tidying up! To be honest there hasn’t been much spare time. I have a 15 year old son at home whose GCSEs have been cancelled. Online schooling is, well, how shall we say, intermittent!!





·        Have you created your own lockdown cocktail yet?  If not, what ingredients would you use?

I’m afraid I don’t do cocktails, I only drink champagne but a Kir royale would go down a treat.




·        What do you miss the most at the moment?

I miss not seeing my partner Alex as we don’t live together, teaching classes and interaction with clients and my friends. I had a lockdown birthday last week which was not quite the norm. Managed to see my friends online and raise a glass of champagne though so not at all bad. Take away Fish and chips birthday supper plus champagne.





·        What is the first thing you will do when the coronavirus conditions are lifted?

The thing I am looking forward to most is spending time with Alex and my friends, and sadly going to a supermarket to choose my very own food.




·        Any words of wisdom that you would like to give us?

I think we need to be positive and focus on how lucky we are to be well and live in such a beautiful part of the country




·        Go on……….tell us a joke!

I haven’t got one at the moment, but if I think of one, I will let you know! 😊





The legendary Victoria Sponge!








A butterfly that literally sprung to life when I was clearing out the garage.








Dayna, my gorgeous German shepherd in her Easter bunny outfit ❤️








De-glazing my greenhouse!








Spoiling myself with champagne and fish & chips!!








Easter cake








And lastly the Easter Bunny!!

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