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A note from the WCHC during the Corona Virus…………

March 18th, 2020

Please note that due to the Corona Virus the WCHC has decided to close from Thursday, 19th March 2020 until the end of March 2020, when a further decision shall be made.  However, please also be aware that some therapists may be happy to treat their clients at the Centre, and therefore, if you would like your treatment, you could contact them directly or leave a message on the Centre’s answer machine, or please email us on info@wchc.info


Phone messages and emails will be monitored regularly, and please keep looking at our website and facebook/twitter pages for updates on the WCHC.


And in the meantime, just a note from our owner, Alok Ruia………….


“Gosh, when I look back to Monday, 6th January, when we were all having to return to work after an indulged Christmas and New Year, feeling quite blue and apprehensive – what I’d give to go back to that day!!  So, when all of this is done, I will look back and realise how valuable social interaction, outings, fresh air, touch and hugs, all are, and hopefully we can have all these back in the near future, and perhaps start our lives again with a brand new positive perspective on the day to day things that truly matter to us all”.






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