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Head Receptionist, Susan Paul, what she has been up to in Lockdown

March 01st, 2021

Hi everyone,


I can’t quite believe we have got to March already! The combination of this lockdown and winter has had a very different vibe about it, to when the first lockdown happened.


The Centre is open but only 5 therapists are working.   I’m mainly working from home, picking up emails and phone messages, occasionally going in to the Centre to check that everything is okay. My leisure time is taken up with Sudoku, of which I’ve become addicted to, crossword puzzles, reading, cooking and walking. Probably very similar to the rest of you, maybe without the Sudoku obsession!


It would be great to hear from you as to how you are getting on, whether or not you are working, remotely or otherwise, any hobbies or interests you’ve taken up in the past month or so, etc. I know for some of you, lockdown has been a much needed rest, and space to review your practise and how you work. For others it’s a frustrating time, of stops and starts, one month working, the next having to cancel appointments. We all have our individual experiences.



Love Susan x

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