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Homeopath, Fiona Ruia, what she has been up to in Lockdown

March 04th, 2021


Life here at home has not been too bad at all. Alok seems to be loving the fact that I am around for lunch; walk, dinner, occasional film or series like the Crown (a first for us!). I am hoping that he will love my next plan of being able to get out and about, after the recent announcement. Hopefully, he will love life in the Campervan as much as I am hoping to! And he has proved that for him at least, he can do a lot of work just on the phone rather than huge journeys around the country for 2 hour meetings.


I can’t speak for him but I have managed to keep on working by FaceTime/Zoom/Skype and clients have appreciated being still connected but without the stress of dealing with Covid restrictions.


Our daughter was at home for months and has encouraged or made me blitz the whole house with re-organising and changing nearly everything. An interesting time for someone who likes their stuff, even if it doesn’t match or is not this year’s trend! I’m now outside as our many sheds are being consolidated and lots of changes are happening. I’ve really enjoyed clearing them all out and I’m so happy that everything and every building has been dismantled and given to someone – how sad am I? It’s amazing how you can focus on the smaller, simple things in life.



Since Christmas I had planned a few trips away, so I’m impressed with myself that I can get excited about decobwebbing a log store! I’m trying not to think about cycling in the Cuban countryside or that first Pina Colada with old friends and the kids. I’m actively focusing on being positive and caring to friends and family who are finding life hard. This Covid situation is really teaching us stuff about ourselves and life. Hopefully, we will learn from it. That is what I am trying to do.



Oh yes. And we now have two new gorgeous ginger kittens called Lilo and Stitch (weird names from my other daughter’s favourite cartoon). They are still timid but very playful.



And finally, I cannot wait until we can get together as a team outside asap to spend time together and celebrate re-energising the centre for so many people.


Love Fiona xx

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