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I’m blind and I’m really scared

March 28th, 2018

One of our owners of the Centre, Alok Ruia is running the London Marathon on 22nd April 2018, here is a little information about his experience so far…………..

“This will be my 15th London Marathon, but probably my hardest.  However, it should be very special if I manage to get over the finishing line as my daughter, Yasmin and my son, Hamish, will be running it at the same time, acting as my guides.  Ironically, both were there for my first marathon in 1996, Yasmin was three years of age in a pushchair, and Hamish was in mum’s tum!!  Unfortunately, 22 years on, I’m a lot older and lacking the discipline of good training, and a quality diet.  So, I’m sure it’s going to feel very tough.

Recently, I’ve been reading stuff about nutrition and I’m putting all “my eggs into the basket” of drinking beetroot juice a couple of days before the race, turmeric pills for the last month, apple cider vinegar as a morning tonic, along with a sprinkling of flax seeds……!  I’ve also returned to acupuncture, and hopefully, with the right pressure points, this will aid my training and recovery from longer runs.  I’ve also indulged in an hour long sports massage to rejuvenate muscles and smooth out those tight knots in my calves!  Anyway, three weeks to go, and two long runs left……………I’ll update you next week as to how my next run goes!”


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