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Izzy’s Yoga Posture for September – Garudasana – The Eagle

September 03rd, 2018

The Eagle is a wonderful balance posture.  When we balance we rely on a number of skills to maintain a steady pose.  These include focussing the gaze, maintaining core strength to keep centred and keeping the breath steady.




·       Improves focus and concentration

·       Develops strength in the legs and feet

·       Increases flexibility and strength in the upper back

·       Builds core strength

·       Can help with low back pain



How prepare for it


It’s sometimes helpful to stand near something you can use to rest your hand on to help you with your balance – make sure it’s well secured.


How to do it


·       Begin in Tadasana, the mountain pose

·       Ensure that your weight is evenly distributed over both feet

·       Stand tall with your shoulders relaxed

·       Focus your gaze on something which is at eye level – this focus is important for balance

·       Move your weight carefully onto your right foot

·       Bend the right leg slightly, life your left leg high and across your body, placing it over the right thigh

·       You may be able to move the left foot and tuck it behind the calf of the supporting, right leg if your hips are flexible

·       Ensure you feel steady

·       Bring both arms up in front of you, bending them at the elbow

·       Pass the right elbow in front of the left elbow, tucking it into the crook of the left arm and wrap the arms around each other, bring your palms together if possible

·       Tuck your tail in and relax your shoulders

·       Breathe gently, maintain your focus and hold the position for 3 or 3 breaths

·       Unwrap the arms

·       Unwrap the legs

·       Return to Tadasana

·       Repeat on the other side


Things to watch


·       Bending the supporting legs gives the top leg a place to rest

·       You may experience difficulty in moving the arms into position at first and this is usually because your upper back is tight

·       Keep the chin gently tucked in and the neck extended


More information about the Eagle pose is here:



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