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Looking for something to cook for your Valentines for the 14th February?

February 09th, 2023


Will you be cooking a special meal for someone special on Valentine’s day?


A warm fruity crumble is hard to resist in February and this one will suit most people. It uses xylitol instead of sugar so is great for Diabetics or anyone wanting to improve their blood sugar control.


 It also uses oat flakes which makes it easier to digest and perfect for anyone who has an intolerance to wheat.



Serves 4

For the crumble


150g whole oat flakes

65g coconut oil or butter, at room temperature

75g xylitol

75g ground almonds

For the Filling

600g rhubarb chopped

1tsp cinnamon

100g xylitol *




1.      Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C

2.      Whizz the oats in a food processor, nut mill or coffee grinder to grind into flour.

3.      Add the coconut or butter and whizz again to make the crumbs.

4.      Mix in the xylitol and ground almonds.

5.      Place the rhubarb in the base of a large, shallow, over proof dish and sprinkle over the xylitol and cinnamon.

6.      Top with the crumble mixture and spread evenly.

7.      Bake in the oven for 30 – 40 minutes or until the top starts to turn golden brown and the rhubarb juice is bubbling.




*Xylitol is a laxative in large quantities so go carefully if you are introducing this into your diet.

Butter and coconut oil are very stable oils at high temperatures and therefore good for cooking. Unlike polyunsaturated fats, they will not produce harmful trans fats when heated.


Adapted from a recipe by Fiona McDonald Joyce in Smart Food for Smart Kids.




This recipe has been provided by our Nutritionist, Nicky Seabrook











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