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Our Receptionist, June Andrews, what has she been up to in Lockdown?

March 09th, 2021

Hi everyone,


June, the receptionist, here!!


We have a Lhasa Apso who we walk over Rushmere Heath everyday come rain, shine or snow, I enjoyed the snow but much prefer the heat, now that it’s warming I’ll be pottering about in the garden, while my husband is rebuilding planters and a pond.


I have like so many of us blitz the house, although I’m not a hoarder so that didn’t take long, but it’s still satisfying, I’ve read several novels and done a few puzzles, I went for my first bike ride of the year the other day, a bit windy but not bad for February.


I honestly don’t know where this 11 months has gone!


I am so thankful all of my family, my friends and all you lovely people who have kept well and safe during these strange times.


June  x


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