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Reflexologist, Donna Walker tells us what she has been up to in Lockdown

March 08th, 2021

Hi everyone,


As I have not been able to work due to the pandemic and the government guidelines,  I have been busy supporting my eldest daughter by having my grandson for home school learning whilst she is in her final year at Uni with exams scheduled.


Fortunately, my other daughter is quite independent with her home schooling………… luckily for me.


We’ve enjoyed punctuating our day with shared mealtimes and supported each other sharing our challenges and triumphs all strengthening our bond.


You can’t help being in the moment when young children are around and I’m sure that’s helped me to stay positive and sane.


I’m back at the centre on Monday 12 April and pleased to see my diary is filling and feedback from clients is that they are delighted to get booked in and additionally thinking and booking forwards too (with some even booking in for the rest of the year).


I think people are really appreciating and understanding the importance self nurture and time for themselves.


Looking forward to seeing you all soon.




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