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Spring! The season of the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine

March 04th, 2019


I often think how much more appropriate it would feel to have New Year’s Day on the 1st of March, when it feels as though the world is waking up again with the energy of birth.  Out of the seeds of Winter come new shoots bursting through the earth, and out of houses come creaky yawning people blinking in the light!


Spring is the season of the Wood in element in Chinese medicine, a time of year when the forces of creation are most apparent both around us and within us.  As we emerge from the hibernation of Winter, many people feel a renewed surge of energy as the days get longer and warmer, and signs of growth and life appear all around us.


Of course, not everyone will feel like this, it can be a difficult time of year for those whose Wood energy is out of balance.  A time of increased frustration, irritability and depression, of feeling blocked and unable to take action, or perhaps having difficulty making decisions and moving forward.  Physically there may be pain and stiffness, menstrual difficulties, insomnia, headaches, eye problems, digestive issues, allergies and inflammation.  Imbalance in the Wood element is increasingly found because we have not had enough time to rest during Winter, a common situation in our busy lives today which no longer take the seasons into account.  It also seems as though our Winters are getting shorter which will have an effect on all of us.


Spring is the season to put those forgotten New Year’s resolutions into action!  Cutting down on alcohol, caffeine and unhealthy foods, getting moving out in nature and starting creative projects are all beneficial to our Wood element.  It can also be helpful to start the day by drinking a hot water with a squeeze of lemon or teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar.  Acupuncture treatment can help by moving Qi (energy) that has become stuck, enabling bodily processes and emotions to flow more freely. It can also strengthen Qi that has become weak and deficient, renewing energy and providing stability from which to grow.


By our Acupuncturist, Jenny Tune





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