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The evidence base for Acupuncture

March 06th, 2019

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) has welcomed a recent study published in the British Medical Journal showing acupuncture is effective in menopause. BAcC Head of Research Mark Bovey said: “It builds on previous studies that show that women with menopause-related hot flushes, anxiety or depression can find relief through acupuncture”


Where can you find out more about the growing evidence base for acupuncture and read about how acupuncture can help with conditions you have?


The British Acupuncture Council maintains a research index, summarising research where acupuncture is known to be effective for over 60 different conditions. Visit the BAcC website at https://www.acupuncture.org.uk/research-digest where you can search, read, download and print factsheets on conditions including insomnia, anxiety and depression as well as, for example, acne and asthma; Bells Palsy; eczema and psoriasis; facial pain; endometriosis; urinary incontinence and vertigo.


The British Acupuncture Council also publishes factsheets on chronic pain, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and information on the more than 80 NHS publications since 2005 that recommend acupuncture for both tension headaches and migraine.


There’s a helpful and in-depth Ask an Expert feature too, where you can post your own questions if you wish. You can also read detailed, considered and balanced information provided in response to queries from other members of the public, such as can acupuncture help an overactive bladder? and can acupuncture offer relief from some of the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes?


Kaye Rooney Lic. Ac., MBAcC

One of the team of acupuncturists at Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre


The BAcC website is at: www.acupuncture.org.uk

Read the BMJ published study at: https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/bmjopen/9/1/e023637.full.pdf



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