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Therapy for the Month of February – Chiropractic – Jeremy Evans

February 04th, 2024

Spring into 2024 with healthy joints and muscles



Chiropractic has been helping patients with musculoskeletal issues for over 100 years. First developed in the USA by a Canadian, BJ Palmer, chiropractic came from a tradition of bone setting that dates back to Hippocrates 460BC (known as the father of medicine), who suggested getting a slave to manipulate the spine. Chiropractic offers a great way of looking after your spine now that slavery is illegal.



Keeping your spine in good shape has become more and more important as our lives become more sedentary, desk-based and smartphone led. Even those people with a physically demanding job can find that they are troubled by joint and muscle problems.



As we move into Spring many of us may be looking at starting on that decorating project in our house or heading out to the garden to tackle the weeds in preparation for the coming longer, warmer days. We need to remember to get ourselves ready with a few simple warm-up exercises. Remember that decorating and gardening are closer to Judo than Ludo because they often strike back!



Taking regular breaks, starting on the smaller jobs and rotating them rather than tackling that long hedge in one go all helps. The body prefers variety of movement, rather than extended periods of high-effort followed by an exhausted ‘Oh,dear, I think I’ve over-done-it’ moment.



Chiropractic can help restore joint function and encourage good movement, all medication-free, something most of us definitely prefer.


Happy spring!



Jeremy Evans DC

Woodbridge Chiropractic

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