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Yoga Posture for the Month – November – Standing forward stretch – Parsvottanasana

November 13th, 2017

Standing forward stretch – Parsvottanasana

In order to stand well we need to feel connected to the floor and well balanced over the feet.  This standing forward stretch is a wonderful practice for maintaining balance and grounding when bending.



Improves strength and control in the spine
Stretches the lower back
Develops strength and control in the legs, ankles and feet
How to do it

Start in the standing position known as the mountain pose (Tadasana)
Turn the left foot outward a little for balance if you need to
Step the right foot forward
Bring your arms behind your back – use the inverted prayer position or bring your hands to your elbows
On a breath in, straighten you back and lift your breast bone
On a breath out, keep our back straight and bend forward, keeping both feet firmly rooted to the floor so that the weight is distributed evenly between them
Breathe gently, hold the spine in a straight line and relax into the forward bend
To return, on a breath in, push your feet firmly into the ground, use your leg and buttock muscles to return to standing
Release your arms to your sides
Bring the feet together
·        Repeat to the other side


Things to watch

Keep your awareness on your back foot so that you feel grounded throughout the movement
Maintain a strong, straight spine while you hold the posture
Focus on your breathing, extending the breath out as you remain in the posture
When you return, feel that you are pulling up through your feet, legs and buttocks for strength

Link for more info https://www.yogajournal.com/poses/intense-side-stretch-pose



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