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Yoga Posture of the Month – October – Sleeping Pigeon

October 09th, 2017

Sleeping Pigeon Pose – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Continuing the theme of developing flexibility in the hips and the inner thighs here is a well-known yoga posture for October.  The Pigeon is a posture, which can be approached gently and developed as your flexibility increases.


Improves mobility in the hips and pelvic area
Stretches the lower back in the early stages of the posture
Stretches and expands the chest and ribs

How to do it

Start in an all fours position on your mat, with your hands lined up under your shoulders and your knees lined up under your hips

·        Bring your right knee forward and then out to the right

·        Turn the toes of your left foot under, and slide your left leg back

·        Ease your hips down towards the floor

·        Become aware of the stretch in your outer right hip and gently relax into it, using your breath

·        Walk your hands forward until your arms are extended and still supporting your weight

·        Continue to work the right knee outward without twisting your knee and moving the left leg back as your stretch develops

·        When you’ve finished, bring the hands back in towards you, slide the back leg in and return to the all fours position

·        Repeat to the other side

Things to watch

Move into the posture carefully
Ensure you are not twisting the knees
Focus on your breathing, extending the breath out as you remain in the posture
Take care to keep the lower back extended and comfortable

Link for more info: https://www.yogajournal.com/poses/master-sleeping-pigeon-pose-4-steps

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