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Nutritional Therapy & Food Allergy Testing

The NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANT is Nicola Seabrook. To learn more about nutritional therapy, please visit www.bant.org.uk

Nicola sees clients of all ages but has a particular interest in children. She has worked at Grundisburgh Primary school seeing children with Special Educational needs and enjoys seeing children with behavioural problems as she believes nutrition can play an important role in helping these children.

What Conditions can be helped by Nutrition?

There are many conditions that respond well to Nutritional Therapy with weight, digestive disorders, allergies, PMS and diabetes being the most widely recognized conditions.

With all conditions, the aim of nutritional therapy is to support the body’s ability to heal and restore balance. This can take the form of recommending different foods or supplementing specific vitamins, minerals, essential fats or herbs. Sometimes a test may be recommended so that an imbalance can be more accurately determined. There are a variety of tests that can be used to assess adrenal health, mental health and digestive health.

In the clinic I use a blood test to assess for food allergies and more details about this can be found by looking at my profile on the website.


Initial Consultations last an hour or one and a half hours if a Food allergy test is carried out as well. The Consultation is carried out by a BSc. degree qualified Nutritional Therapist who will assess your current dietary intake and medical history before putting together a personal programme. Recommendations may include: dietary changes, new foods to try, a supplement plan and possibly a test to help identify imbalances.

Follow up Consultations are for half an hour. These involve reviewing progress and making adjustments to the diet and supplement plan.


Please note that during lockdown Nicky is doing consultations via Zoom, so please ring us on 01394 388234 or email us on info@wchc.info for more information.

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