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Natalie Patten

Hypnotherapist CHT, AHDip

Natalie was first introduced to Hypnotherapy in 1997 and found it was a fast and effective  therapy for clearing emotional blocks, easing anxiety, releasing unwanted habits and helping live a calmer life.


Hypnotherapy is a completely natural way of healing and allows individuals to get to the root of issues quickly and easily.


The clients Natalie works with at present include Adults and children with self-esteem and confidence issues, anxiety and depression, shyness, unwanted habits, relationship issues and stress management.


Other adult issues Natalie works with where Hypnotherapy is effective is for smoking cessation and weight loss and relationship issues.  Natalie has been able to achieve great success and have received wonderful feedback from clients.


Natalie is also able to provide bespoke recordings during sessions with downloads playable on your phone, tablet or computer for clients to maximise their success.


You will see from her website NP (coming Aug/Sept 20) she will have added some recordings assisting with specific issues to help individuals work on themselves at home as well as being able to book sessions directly with her.


Natalie was brought up locally in Ipswich and moved to Asia in 2000, she lived there for 6 years and during this time she decided to study Hypnotherapy full time, she qualified in 2002 in America and started to practice in Hong Kong operating from an integrative GP’s Medical Practice, Hong Kong.


After her practice in Hong Kong, she moved to Singapore for family reasons where she developed a successful private practice. She returned to the UK in 2006 and, since then she has continued to see private adult clients along with many children.


Natalie studied at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Northern California, and completed the study of Advanced Hypnotherapy and was awarded the Diploma. At that time she qualified as a Hypnotherapist on 7th September 2002, she was also awarded Master Hypnotist.


She was recognised by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in 2002, and she has undertaken further advance studies with the Atkinson Ball College of Hypnotherapy UK in order for to continue to develop her skills and enhance her day-to-day practice.


She is also a certified Calm Kids therapist which includes using a range of techniques specifically designed for children.


She is also a member of an Enlightenment Coaching Program which allows her to develop her skills in Coaching and to be able to assist clients further.


Natalie is registered with the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy and an Associate Member of Nation Council of /hypnotherapists.


Hypnotherapist CHT, AHDip

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